Acknowledging Research Computing Services Group

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If the resources and help provided by the RCS group have been instrumental to your research, researchers are encouraged to acknowledge the Research Computing Services at UofC when publications or reports are published.

Examples include the use, either in whole or in part, of:

  • computing, visualization or storage hardware,
  • software,
  • staff expertise / consultation.

The exact wording of the acknowledgement may vary. The following can be used as a guideline:

"This research was enabled in part by support provided by the Research Computing Services group at the University of Calgary."

If you would like to specifically thank an individual who helped you, please feel free to do so.

Notification of Acknowledgment

We would appreciate being sent references of these acknowledgements, as they are valuable to include in our portfolio. Our ability to showcase the successful use of our resources builds an important case for the University to keep providing this kind of services in the future.