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For some general consideration for setting up software in your home directory see Managing software on ARC.

Software Management

General Tools


File Format Libraries

Atmospheric research


  • Gaussian 16 - a commercial software package for electronic structure modelling.
  • ORCA - an ab initio quantum chemistry program package that contains modern electronic structure methods.

  • GROMACS - Classical molecular dynamics simulator.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • ANSYS - Fluent and CFX - commercial CFD software.
  • OpenFOAM - Open-source toolkit for creating CFD applications.

Finite Element Modelling

  • ANSYS - ANSYS Fluent - commercial software for finite element-based structural analysis.
  • Abaqus - Commercial software for finite element-based analysis.

  • Nektar++ -- a tensor product based finite element package designed to allow one to construct efficient classical low polynomial order h-type solvers (where h is the size of the finite element) as well as higher p-order piecewise polynomial order solvers.

Geospatial Analysis

Machine Learning

Mathematical Libaries and Applications

  • MATLAB - Commercial general-purpose high-level programming environment for linear algebra, statistics, image processing and a wide range of other calculations.
  • Mathematica - Commercial general-purpose high-level programming package for both symbolic and numerical calculations.




Reservoir Simulations