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For any questions relating to our High Performance Computing or related to Research Computing Services, there are several ways to get support:


Send email with your questions regarding HPC and RCS related services to

We recommend sending emails to our support address rather than a particular staff member in case the person you are trying to reach is away.

Walk-in Consults

If you would like to have a face-to-face meeting with an analyst, please contact us via email to arrange an appointment. Once an appointment has been scheduled, you mean reach us at the RCS office on the Foothills campus located at HSC B200D. This room can can be reached via the IT reception on the main floor at G204Z next to the University bookstore.

IT Related Questions

For University of Calgary IT support, or issues relating to Email, VPN/Networking, or Desktops, please direct your questions to the IT Service Centre:

Compute Canada Related Questions

For Compute Canada specific questions, please contact: