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The Teaching and Learning Cluster (TALC) is a computing resource provided by Research Computing Services (RCS) to support approved courses and workshops. Usage of the cluster is subject to certain conditions as outlined below and detailed on this page.

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Questions or Concerns?

Please send all questions and inquiries to support@hpc.ucalgary.ca.

Guidelines and Regulations

  • Usage must not violate Municipal, Provincial and Federal laws
  • Usage must not violate the University's Policies and Procedures outlined in the Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources and Information Policy
  • This account is for your use only. It is made available to you specifically for the course that requires the use of TALC. You must not share your password or let anyone use your account.
  • Commercial use of TALC, including digital currency mining, is strictly prohibited.
  • TALC is configured for Level 1 and Level 2 data as set forth in the University of Calgary Information Security Classification Standard and is not suitable for Level 3 or Level 4 data.
  • RCS reserves the right to examine files, programs and any other material used on RCS systems at any time without warning.
  • Evidence of inappropriate use of TALC may result in immediate loss of access to your TALC account and may result in academic misconduct.
  • Please note that no backups are performed for data stored on TALC. It is your responsibility to copy data you need to save elsewhere. By default, your account and data will be deleted one week after the last course associated with the account has finished.
  • To ensure that the appropriate software is available, student accounts are in place, and appropriate training has been provided for your teaching assistants, it is best to contact RCS several months prior to the start of the course.