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This page describes the process of obtaining an account and how to login to the Marc Cluster. If you are looking for information about the MARC cluster hardware, please see the Marc_Cluster_Guide.

Obtaining an Account


  • Access will only be granted to MARC for those with project shares on SCDS as this is the only to get data into MARC.
  • Users must have a UC domain IT account, and an HR relationship type of Staff, Faculty, Student, General Associate or General Associate - Research collaborator.
  • If you wish to add a new person to MARC or SCDS, and they do not appear in the ServiceNow person picker, this may be because the new account has not completed provisioning in ServiceNow, or their HR relationship type might not be in the categories above. Please contact HR for assistance with adjusting your collaborator's HR relationship type. Changes in HR-> Peoplesoft can take some time to complete and propagate to ServiceNow. Please contact for assistance with ServiceNow.


  1. Navigate to the IT Homepage:
  2. Click Login in the upper right corner
  3. Click "Order Something"
  4. Click "Research Computing"
  5. Click "Medical Advanced Research Computing (MARC)"
  6. Select "Add Access" from the "What would you like to do?" box
  7. Choose your SCDS share from the next box
  8. Type a synopsis of the work you plan to do into the "Business Reason" box.
  9. You may leave the Additional Information box empty
  10. Someone should reply to you when your account is ready.

Logging in to MARC


  1. You will need a Microsoft Authenticator second factor to access Marc. This is the same Microsoft Authenticator that is used with an Office 365 account.
  2. VPN is NOT required but is acceptable when accessing Marc.


Login to myappmf

  1. Point your browser to
    Image of the login screen.
  2. This will bring up the familiar login portal that is used in many other UofC apps. Enter your User Name. Use your UC domain credentials without the UC\ in front. (eg. jsmith)
  3. Enter your usual UC password.
  4. Click the Sign In button.
  5. A Microsoft authenticator request will be sent to your chosen second factor device. This is the same as an Office 365 login. Accept the authentication.

Add Applications

  1. Once you have logged into myappmf click Apps at the top
  2. Click the Putty icon to start Putty

Login to Marc with Putty

  1. Once Putty starts you will see the PuTTY Configuration screen:
  2. Enter "" in the "Host Name" box
  3. If you want this to be default, click "Default Settings" then click the Save button beside it.
  4. Click Open. You will be presented with a black terminal screen prompting for your UC username and password.
  5. The contents of the screen will look something like this:
login as: myusername's password:
Last login: Thu Apr  9 13:12:21 2020
                      _   _    __     ____       __
                      /  /|    / |    /    )   /    )
                  ---/| /-|---/__|---/___ /---/------
                    / |/  |  /   |  /    |   /
               Problems or deficiencies? Send email to:


[myusername@marc ~]$

Now you may return to the Marc Cluster Guide page