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Research Computing Services (RCS) is a group within the wider University of Calgary Information Technologies team that plans, manages, and supports high performance computing (HPC) systems in use by researchers throughout the University of Calgary. Our primary focus is to meet the increasing demand for engineering and scientific computation by offering a wide range of specialized services to help researchers solve highly complex real-world problems or run large scale computationally intensive workloads on our high-end HPC resources.

This RCS Wiki contains technical documentation for use by users of HPC systems operated by RCS and is a replacement for the old unmaintained HPC website at https://hpc.ucalgary.ca/.

Contact us for support

  • For general RCS/HPC inquiries, please email: support@hpc.ucalgary.ca
  • For IT related issues (networking, VPN, email), please email: itsupport@ucalgary.ca
  • For Compute Canada specific questions: support@computecanada.ca

RCS has an office at the Foothills campus located at HSC B200D and can be reached via the IT reception on the main floor at G204Z next to the University bookstore. If you would like to have a face-to-face meeting with an analyst, please contact us via email to arrange an appointment beforehand.

Cluster Guides

Software pages

Running courses on HPC resources

  • TALC - Teaching and Learning Cluster (TALC) is a cluster created by Research Computing Services to support academic courses and workshops.
  • TALC Terms of Use - Terms of use to which TALC account holders must agree to use the cluster.
  • List of courses on TALC - A list of current and historical courses taught using TALC.


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